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Dee Shell awakened to her artistic soul perhaps later in life than some, but has embraced it with passion and joy.  Her lifetime of spiritual study has provided a rich and fertile ground for her artistry.  She is a student of comparative religions, metaphysics, the mystical Kabbalah and various New Thought spiritual practices. She has explored both traditional and Mystical Christianity and holds therein to a deeply personal devotion. She has communed with the angelic realm for many years and is a member of the Order of Michael.  Dee has studied both Eastern and Western philosophies honoring both perspectives.

Her own connection to the Divine Feminine has inspired her line of Divine Feminine Jewelry.  Within this connection, she shares her reverence to Mary by crafting her exquisite Rosary bracelets.

Strong spiritual vision is an asset to Dee in her jewelry work. Intuitiveness, insight and ability to communicate with spiritual beings compliment her design work. Each piece of her jewelry is created as a tangible spiritual meditation.








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